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Strategise, develop and optimise products, services, and processes.

As the leading User Experience company, we empower organisations to create a sustainable and practical user experience that drives positive outcomes. For more than two decades, we have been unlocking the potential of AI and Data Science to provide innovative and sustainable humanity-centred design.

Our team of leading CX Experts work closely with organisations of all sizes and industries to understand their unique needs and challenges. Together, we aim to create the most effective and impactful tailored solutions that are humanity-centred and aligned with sustainability goals and values that deliver measurable impact in Indonesia and Australia.

Thought Leaders

Dr Eunice Sari
PhD, MSc,
BEd (Hons), Cert IV

Dr. Eunice Sari, CEO and Co-Founder of UX Indonesia, provides insight-driven UX Research, Training, and Consulting services. She leverages her IT Product Design, Strategy, Media, Educaction, and Psychology background to help clients accelerate their Digital Transformation with sustainable, humanity-centred design solutions. With Dr Sari's help, hundreds of organisations have successfully improved their products, services, and processes.

Adi Tedjasaputra
MSc, GradDip,
BSc (Hons), Cert IV

With over two decades of experience, Josh provides expertise in business strategies, disruptive tech, marketing, and branding to startups and enterprises worldwide. His engineering and computer science background enables him to introduce sustainable solutions that optimise bottom lines and improve user experience. He can assist with various issues such as Intranet/Internet Portal tech, Financial Tech, UX, Design Thinking, IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, and AI.

What People Say about Us

  • "Dr. Eunice is one of those rare people who exhibits passion, expertise and kindness in all parts equal and above.

    I had the pleasure of attending several workshops ran by Dr. Eunice and she greatly assisted in opening our eyes on a number of key areas within our business, UX and product, which have made the world of difference from her expert and international experience."

    Tom Young
    Chief Executive Officer

  • "Eunice has been a great contributor to Launchpad, supporting our student entrepreneurs as a mentor and contributing valuable content on design thinking and service design.

    It's a pleasure to work with Eunice! Eunice offers great insight into the importance of design thinking through her experience of supporting startups with their innovations."

    Melanie Molloy
    Launchpad Manager
    Murdoch University

  • "A new technology can be superior in many ways, however, if no body know how to use or interact with it, it is not going anywhere. UX Indonesia and CX Insight are unique to provide a much needed service to bridge the gap between technologies and users.

    Eunice is one of the very few UI and UX experts in Indonesia, who is invaluable when you need to communicate with 270M people effectively."

    Dr Tony Liu
    Chief Executive Officer

  • "Eunice and the UX team worked with AktivAsia in 2022-23 to develop, test and prototype a low-tech 
low-bandwidth learning platform for frontline campaigners in Indonesia. She delivered above and beyond our expectations, going that extra mile to ensure all avenues were explored. I was particularly impressed by Eunice's flexibility in working with our team, and willingness to go that extra mile to ensure our end user's voices and ideas were accurately captured in the product."

    Alex Ryan
    Co-Founder and Managing Director

  • "I had the opportunity to work with Eunice for a decade via the Google for Startups Accelerator Program. 
Eunice has deep level expertise in UI and UX and years of experience guiding startups to build relevant products.
Eunice is able to quickly understand and emphatize with founders. While working with her, I was inspired by her willingness to impart her knowledge and experience in a thoughtful manner that resonates with her mentees."

    Thye Yeow Bok
    Head of Startup Ecosystem Southeast Asia

  • "What a joyous experience it has been to work with Eunice and her team. She worked so hard to meet our needs to create a functional app and worked through any issues to solve any arising issues.

    Her team was amazing too and very responsive to emails. We were very pleased with their work and we would recommend her company."

    Dr Rachel Sheffield
    Associate Professor
    Curtin University

  • "Eunice and her colleagues are top notch. I’ve had the pleasure of including her and Adi as startup mentors for multiple startup accelerator events, including the Google Launchpad programs, and they never fail to impress!

    They’re work and experience is diverse, and their vision for the future is both optimistic and inspiring."

    Emil Lamprecht
    Chief Executive Office
    Growth Mechanics

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