UX Design Research

UX Research Design is focused to encourage knowledge, develop your design and service in innovating digital transformation.

On 3 weeks of Training UX Indonesia, you gain knowledge and train for plan research, do appropriate UX Methodology, analyze the data, and lead you to do an action plan in presenting any authentic cases for stakeholders.

You gain deeper knowledge for more effective and efficient recruitment, decide research focus, eliminate the users, research priority, and make hypotheses and research questions for the target and business strategy based on experience and study results.

After training, you are expecting to have broaden knowledge, more confident using UX Design Research, and practically an expert in design and service field.

  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • When: 30 July – 20 August 2020
  • Who: UX Research, Product Designer, UX Designer, Design Researcher, Interaction Designer, Product Manager, Service Designer, Public Service Planner, Front-End Designer, Market Researcher
  • Where: Online (Google Hangouts Meet)

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Week 1
  • Find the purpose, hypothesis and question
  • Choose UX Design Research methodology
  • Plan the research
  • Do the strategy and tactical recruiting
Week 2
  • Make Persona
  • Make Contextual Scenario
  • Make Customer Journey Mapping
  • Do Service Design Research
Week 3
  • Analyze the data
  • Synthesis of the data
  • Write Insight Report
  • Give presentation of Insight report for stakeholders
  1. Find a focus, hypothesis, and question for UX Design Research
  2. Make UX Design Research Planning (Distributed, Remote, F to F)
  3. Decide UX Design Research Methodology
  4. Plan Strategic and Tactical recruiting
  5. Make the Golden Path of Customer Journey Mapping
  6. Do Service Design Research
  7. Make Insight-Driven Design Persona and Contextual Scenario
  8. Do Insight – Driven Data Synthesis and Analysis
  9. Write and preset UX Design Research Insight Report